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Neon Green Hearts
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All Members , Moderated
under construction!
Can YOU hang with the neon?

we are neongreenheart.
we like pretty, vain, interesting, and smart people.
we like unique styles.
[punk, goth, emo, rave, kandy, cyber, alternative, etc!]
we adore creativity and we aim to bring that out of you.
we are vain fashion fucks!
we are honest.
don't like it?
don't join.
like it?
try us :)

(you're too chicken!)


x READ ALL RULES [both member and applicant] BEFORE POSTING ANYTHING.

x There is no longer an age limit in this community. If you believe you can fill out an application and you can woo us with your skills and creativity, by all means, please apply! I do not like to discriminate, so I lifted the age limit due to frustration.

x ONCE YOU JOIN YOU HAVE 72 HOURS TO POST YOUR APPLICATION. THAT GIVES YOU THREE DAYS. If you don't post an application, you will be removed, but not banned so you can rejoin and post your application.

x do not comment on any other entries until you are stamped and accepted. you may comment on your entry as you like. The only exception to this rule is if I take longer than three days to stamp your application as accepted or rejected; you may post telling me you haven't been stamped yet.

x try to avoid editing your application/entry. if there's a mistake and you catch it before us, feel free to correct it, or we may ask you to correct something.

x try to sound intelligent. Effort put into the application will give you more chances of us liking you. The point of the application is for us to get to know you, your tastes, and your levels of creativity and such. You'll be judged mostly on your application content and your personality as it shines through the application, but clear photos of yourself do help a bit. We love to see your unique sense of style and your beautiful faces. :D

x If you trash talk to any mods or members, you'll be banned so fast your fxcking head will spin. be decent, because we aren't assholes.

x NO broken links. NO http:// for photos! we want the photos ON the application. if you need the code, check HERE.

x to know that you read and understand the rules, please put "Glow With Me" in the subject line.

x put the entire application, photos, etc behind a LJ-CUT.

xwe do not like big, superphotoshopped, oversized, or undersized photos. scrolling sideways is a pain in the ass, and 30x30 pixel pictures just DON'T CUT IT. :)

x you will be stamped within two-three days. be patient or get on my bad side. your vote will be based on more yes's than no's, and only the mods may decide otherwise, I.E. if you spam the community, trash talk the members, etc.. You will be banned so fast your head will spin off your shoulders if we feel it necessary.

x if you have to reply to comments on your application, please CLEAR THE SUBJECT LINE WHEN DOING SO. This makes it easier for mods to count and recount votes.

x If you get rejected, you can apply again in a week. Title the subject "Application number two" and use different photos, or take into account the reasons you got no's.

x Make your application and all other entries FRIENDS ONLY. As of June Seventh, 2006, this community is Members Only.

x YOU MUST ANSWER SWAYS. If you do not answer the sways, these count against you as more 'No' votes.

But this also means that if your vote is SWAY, it is your responsibility to respond with a YES or NO vote if they respond to your sway.

Three strikes and you're out unless I'm feeling all happy and glittersome.



pixi <3
all about pixi
she's so hot, she turns lights on.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Sweet as candy addicting as crack.


Co-Mod pandorasboxes

NeonGreenHeart of the Month of July/August 2006!


We had two winners this month :)



Text Theme: MUSiCALTASTES // info here


x ___vanityfucked x
x jeeby x
x supa_skank x
x ___outcasted__
x x_your_face_x x
x thelabeledones x
x acid_dollhouse x

if you would like
to be an affiliate,
please contact

all general community information can be found at:
if you have any questions or concerns,
please contact one of the Mods.

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