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You'll notice that I've removed EVERYONE from the community!

This is to see who is willing to or is interested in being active in the community again.
I couldn't decide between doing another 'comment here' post or this, so I figured this was the best way.
If you rejoin, I ask you to post a new application with a link to your old one if you were previously STAMPED and ACCEPTED.
This will show me who our original members are, and which original members are still active livejournal-wise, and genuinely interested in being a part of Neon Green Heart again.

If you were removed and you were never stamped but did apply at one point, let me know, link me to your old application and I'll take care of it.

To my co-mods: I removed you as well, let me know if you are still interested in being a co-moderator. I will not be offended if you don't have time anymore, if you have school or a job or just other priorities that leave no time to co-mod'ing.

If you are interested in being a co-moderator, I'll have a mod application up soon.

I'm sorry it came down to this, but I am genuinely interested in making this place active and fun again. It may take a while for things to pick back up, but if you reapply and are an old member, I'll have you stamped and reaccepted within a week.